Consultancy and Training

I offer consultancy and training on building resilience to individuals and organisations. As an affiliate staff at the EAP Help and OH Assist Limited - one of the largest Employee Assistance Provider in the UK - I have done trainings on Mental Health Awareness, Building Individual Resilience and Resilience for Managers and the Department of Work and Pensions, the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office as well as at local government in Greater London and the Midlands. 

I am also an experienced intercultural consultant and trainer specializing in intercultural competence development for individuals and teams. I have  worked with senior executives in international projects consortiums where speaking English as the lingua franca does not necessarily guarantee effective communication and she gained significant experience in cultural mediation. I specialized in higher education management and I have  widened my expertise through my involvement in corporate coaching and international Executive MBA programmes where I conduct workshops in development of Intercultural Leadership Competence and Global Immersion.   

I specialized at the Intercultural Communication Institute (Portland, Oregon, 2006) with Dr. Milton Bennett in applications of his Developmental model of Intercultural Sensitivity – a widely used psychometric tool for understanding how people experience difference.

I offer Intercultural executive coaching and variety of training programs:

  • Leading through Change and Change Impact
  • Developing Constructive Conversations
  • Managing Stress at the Workplace
  • General Intercultural Awareness training for individuals and teams
  • Country-specific Intercultural Training for Bulgaria, Russia and the UK
  • Global Competence development programmes for individuals and teams.